Another Beginning...

Hello everyone! London here. Welcome to my first ever blog! On this site I plan to post works in progress, photographs of classes, upcoming events, as well as things I make other than my paintings! That said, in the theme of 'beginnings', I would like to show you a new painting I've been working on! With everything going on- my day job as a retail worker, university (Visual Art, of course ;), commissions, council/ community jobs and personal life I have found it hard to find time to paint again! Oh, how I've missed it! There's nothing quite like the collaborative nature of watercolour. I find it to be the second artist in my paintings, and as long as I respect it, it will respect me. In a lot of my paintings you will see I leave marks and imperfections (eg, things known as 'cauliflowers' that spring out of watercolour when too much water is added, making the shape of, as the name suggests, a cauliflower!) I leave these things in my paintings because I believe it adds texture and personality to my work, plus, I find the nature of watercolour beautifully wild, and can't bear to stamp that out.

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