London's Painting Landscape?

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the absolutely gorgeous Catherine Parker. Catherine is an artist who paints amazing, dreamy landscapes. Her intuitive spirit and kind heart make her an excellent artist; someone who draws on the beauty around her to create, in my opinion, otherworldly, utopian visual imagery. I was very inspired by her the last couple of days and felt that I learned a lot from her. I was lucky to have the time to get a peek into her extraordinary mind.

When we were finishing up our last day, I said to her that I would be doing a landscape painting. I wanted to explore this area of my thoughts. I usually think in close-up imagery, because I feel as if I have more to say when I paint things in detail, but this painting has opened my mind. I have created a little undiscovered island, with fictional trees- something between a gum and a jacaranda- and I have given it a little king. I have created a whole world with a story, through mark-making, influenced by the things around me; my home town and my country.

I would like to continue to explore this part of my practise and perhaps combine my two styles into one. Let me know what you think of this painting so far! I feel it still has a lot to go.

You can find Catherine and her marvellous work here:

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