What I Want to Do

Eventually I want to go full time with my art. What artist doesn't? I think I am still afraid to make that step sometimes, but something that always excites me and encourages me is when someone asks me to do their portrait. You see, I have a very unique process when it comes to commissions. I am surprised that many people don't know about the main service I offer. I love doing commissions because I get to meet new people and... well, play around with them in the pool for a while! I am always excited to photograph new subjects underwater and paint them in my own underwater style. I have flexible payment options and will keep in contact with them throughout the whole process, so if this is something you want to do, and you live in the Darling Downs region, let me know!!! I love doing it, and here are some photos of a current commission that I am working on of the lovely, amazing, Bec.

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